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Invest in Sack Lunch Productions

Double-digit sales growth for four consecutive years

Invest in Sack Lunch Productions

Generated $14.7 million in sales in 2016

Invest in Sack Lunch Productions

More than 1.2 million participants in past two years alone

Invest in Sack Lunch Productions

Diversified operations in action-event space

Invest in Sack Lunch Productions

Over 3.5 million social media followers and 2.2 million email subscribers

Invest in Sack Lunch Productions

Long list of major brand sponsors



Everything we do should put a smile on a face and an unforgettable memory in the heart.



Family-friendly slip-n-slide water party experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Participants light lanterns, endow them with hopes and wishes for the future, and in a grand scale, release them to the sky in an extraordinary communal display.

Popular 5k fun run teaming with color stations and culminating with polychromatic party.

A fun run incorporating a muddy obstacle course that caters to a runner’s inner child.

A race on Razor tricycles that takes participants down city streets and through obstacles to the finish line.




Fueled by significant demand from action-seeking millennials, leading brands in the space, such as Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder, have experienced tremendous growth. In just five years, Warrior Dash grew its event series to over $85 million in revenue, while Tough Mudder surpassed $100 million in ticket sales in 2015.
Unlike our competition, Sack Lunch Productions offers a complete portfolio of event brands, providing investors a diversified way to participate in the massive upside of this exciting space.



We’ve created a special class of Preferred Stock (Series E) for our Reg A+ Offering.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE OFFERING CIRCULAR As an investor in our Series E Preferred shares, which are priced at $5 per share, you will have the opportunity to convert your shares into our common stock at a 20% discount to the lowest closing price of our stock in the preceding 10 trading days at the time of your conversion.
We may also seek to create a market for trading of the Preferred shares themselves, as a later date. Ultimately, the Company intends to apply for “up-listing” of our common stock to a major exchange, such as the NASDAQ.


We’ve created a special class of Preferred Stock (Series E) for our Reg A+ Offering.

To show our appreciation for your support as an investor in our Reg A+ Offering, we’ve put together multiple tiers of perks that you will be entitled to as an investor.
CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE OFFERING CIRCULAR In addition to your shares of Preferred Stock (see How Does it Work) the following bonuses are available:
  • $1,000 Investment: One (1) 1-year unlimited pass to any of our events in the U.S
  • $2,000 Investment: Two (2) 1-year unlimited passes to any of our events in the U.S.
  • $3,000 Investment: Three (3) 1-year unlimited passes to any of our events in the U.S.
  • $4,000 Investment: Four (4) 1-year unlimited passes to any our events in the U.S.
And for our biggest fans and supporters, that invest $100,000 or more in our Reg A+ Offering, we will fly you and a friend to any one of our international events, where you’ll get to participate alongside the event founder and creator himself TR Gourley.


What is Regulation A+ Equity Crowdfunding?In March 2015, the SEC finally moved on rules under Title IV of the JumpStart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act of 2012, paving the way for companies to raise up to $50 million from unaccredited investors, subject to investment limits described below. This new rule is known as “Regulation A+” or “Reg A+”. Although there are two tiers to Reg A+, Sack Lunch Productions is pursuing an offering under Tier II. For Tier I, non-accredited individual investors can invest a maximum of the greater of 10% of their net worth or 10% of their net income in a Reg A+ offering (per offering). There is no limit for non-accredited investors in Tier II. Investors are able to self-certify their income or net worth for purposes of the investment limits, so there will be no burdensome documentation required to prove income or net worth.
Why Offer a Crowdfunding Campaign?
Our events are about bringing people together. By gaining support from you through crowdfunding, we are getting the word out about events and at the same time garnering the support we need to expand the number of events we offer.
What do you see as the biggest benefit to potential investors who are thinking of choosing to invest in Sack Lunch Productions?
We are presenting an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a proven business model set to expand globally.
How can I reserve shares in Sack Lunch Productions right now?
Individuals interested in learning more about Sack Lunch Productions’ equity crowdfunding campaign opportunity can read the offering circular before making any investment.

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